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Come and be part of the Heart of the City Festival with the St. James’ “Honouring Women of the Downtown Eastside” Art Show!    

St. James’ Anglican Church will host an art show during the Heart of the City Festival with the theme of “Honouring Women of the Downtown Eastside.” The show will take place on Saturday, October 28th, 2017, 10:00am - 2:00pm with an opening reception at St. James’ on the evening of October 27th. The church is located at Gore and Cordova in the Downtown Eastside.  

Artists are invited to submit secular or spiritual works, in keeping with the theme.  

This show will be juried by artists from within the St. James’ Community. Images of a sexual, abusive or violent nature will not be included.  

Submission Requirements:   

  • Artist statement (Max. 500 words)
  • Photograph of the art to be considered, only the art work should be shown. i.e. no wall space or frame. Resolution at 300dpi
  • 3 works may be submitted by each artist
  • Submissions close Sunday, October 20th, 2017 at midnight.
  • All work must be 2D and will be displayed on easels in the church.  

Reflection:   “…the voices of women who are seldom heard on their own terms—the words of people who are publicly visible yet who, due to the blur of preconceptions that surround Vancouver’s inner city, remain unseen. To many, the women who offer their stories here are people without history,” defined only by belonging to a neighbourhood branded by layers of stigma. Their diverse histories are rarely included in the cacophony of media depictions of urban poverty: the drug problem,” “prostitution” or statistics on crime and violence. These women share the stories of their complex pathways from childhood into and out of the Downtown Eastside,” through periods of addiction and recovery, strength and illness, affluence and poverty. They confront and challenge the familiar stereotypes applied to drug users, to wayward women,” and to those who live with disease and/or mental illness.”            

Excerpt from In Plain Sight: Reflections on Life in Downtown Eastside Vancouver by Leslie Robertson & Dara Culhane: (Accessed 18th September 2017).  

MEDIA: Only 2D artworks will be accepted for review by the jury. Photography is also permitted. All artworks must be ready to hang if selected, photographs and works on paper must be properly framed. The artist must have sole copyright to the image, artwork submitted that makes substantive use of another artist or photographer’s work without express permission of that person will not be accepted. Prints in a run of 200 or less will be accepted. No posters or mechanical reproductions.  

INSURANCE: Artists are responsible for insuring their works for the duration of the show which will be supervised by staff and volunteers throughout.  

ART SALES: Art work may be for sale, however the church will not handle any sales. Potential buyers will be directed to the artist. Artists are welcomed and encouraged to be present during the show.  

There is no fee for entry and St. James’ will take no commission on works sold. Donations to support the promotion of the arts at St. James’ Church are welcomed.  

Please email your entry to: with “ART SUBMISSION” in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.