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The following is a message from Nancy and John Denham of St. Hilda's, Sechelt

Families & Friends for Reconciliation: Never Again Shall Children Be Taken  

Call for Action  

We have been invited by the shíshálh Nation Chief and Council to help with the fundraising for a commemorative monument to the Students and Families who attended the Sechelt Indian Residential School.  

The monument is a stone carving of a grandmother holding the hands of a child.  The stone is red granite coming from Texada Island in the territory of the shíshálh First Nation.  The monument will be located in a beautiful kiosk already prepared for its arrival, on the original site of the old Residential School in the area behind the Raven's Cry Theatre (see attached photo).   

The shíshálh Nation will be unveiling this monument at a ceremony on September 19th, 2015. Children from forty-eight distinct First Nations were forced to attend the Residential School.  Those Nations will be extended an invitation from the shíshálh First Nation to witness the ceremony.  

Since 2010, we have been organizing and presenting events with the shíshálh to share in cross-cultural opportunities and to raise awareness of the need for truth and reconciliation. E.g.: Dialogue Circles, Speaker Series, Longhouse Ceremonies, Films, Drumming Circles and Gatherings, Museum Exhibit, etc. Hearts and minds are opening and people are seeking ways to walk together towards healing and restoration of respectful relations.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission spent 6 years uncovering the truth of Indian Residential Schools as told by the Survivors themselves. One of the recommendations in the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was a Call to Action to undertake collaborative projects “that contribute to the reconciliation process”.  The long process of healing for the survivors and their families and communities has begun. The process of Reconciliation is a path which includes us all, as such, we of the non-aboriginal community, are being asked by the shíshálh to participate in a local expression of reconciliation  

A neighbour suggested a fundraising idea which resonated with us. Families for Reconciliation: Never Again Shall Children Be Taken. We are including Friends in the title of this campaign. Would you contribute $100 in the name of your family or in your own name or anonymously towards the creation of the Sechelt Residential School Commemorative Monument?  Your name will be placed on a plaque near the monument.  

As settlers and descendants of settlers in Canada, your contribution will help in the restoration of right relations with the First Peoples of this Land, the shíshálh.  

Sincerely, Nancy & John Denham    



St John’s United Church generously offered to match donations up to a total of $3000. To date $1410 has been collected from Sunshine Coasters. Lets aim to bring in the remaining $1590 &/or MORE!   Please make your cheque out to:  St John’s United Church Identify on the cheque:  Funds for Residential School Monument. Send directly to: St John’s United Church, 5085 Davis Bay Rd, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A2 Please make sure your address is on the cheque as well. You will receive a 2015 tax receipt from St Johns United Church. OR Contact: Nancy or John Denham  @  604-885-7373   Thank You!!!