While looking for something else (isn't this always the way it goes?) I came across an acid-free box, duct taped closed, and tied with a pretty red ribbon. Although I do love arts and crafts, I don't typically tie archival boxes in pretty ribbon, so I bent down to take a closer look.

It turns out the box is a time capsule, labeled "Time Capsule, dedicated May 14, 1989, To Be Opened 2089"! How cool!

Unfortunately, the parish/person/organization did not put any name on the capsule. So, I beseech you for your help. Every time I walk past said ribboned box, the little devil on my archival shoulder whispers "Oh just OPEN it and see what's inside", and it takes everything in me to resist!

Can you help? Do you recognize this capsule?

Do you remember its being sent to the archives? Does it belong to your parish, committee, Sunday school, organization, mother, neighbour?

Please contact the archives if you have any information. Any information leading to identification will be rewarded with an historic photograph.