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"Celebrating Generous Communities - Practical tools for Encouraging Giving" is the title of the Stewardship Day 2019 on March 16, 2019. You'll learn about Capital Campaigns (St. Hilda); Annual Campaigns (St. Faith); A Culture of Stewardship (The Rev. Tellison Glover); constructing a Narrative Budget a team from St. George, Maple Ridge led by parish treasurer, Dawn Parrott.'ll get to plan your own Stewardship Campaign for 2019.


  • The Reverend Clarence Li/Leaders from St. Faith, Vancouver
  • The Reverend Dr. Tellison Glover and the Reverend Robert Fraser
  • A team from St. George's, Maple Ridge led by parish treasurer, Dawn Parrott


9:00 - Registration Begins

10:00 - Introductions by Tony Sauder (MC)

10:05 - Worship, led by Reverend Roberta Fraser.

10:20 - Plenary 1 - St. Hilda (Capital Campaign) and St. Faith (Annual Stewardship Program)

11:00 - Workshop 1 - St. Hilda (Capital Campaign)

11:00 - Workshop 2 -St. Faith (Annual Stewardship Program)

12:00 - LUNCH

12:45 - Plenary 2 - A Culture of Stewardship (The Rev. Tellison Glover)

13:15 - Workshop 3 - A Culture of Stewardship (The Rev. Tellison Glover, and The Rev. Roberta Fraser)

13:15 - Workshop 4 - Creating a Narrative Budget (Dawn Parrott, Treasurer, St. George, Maple Ridge)

14:15 - Plenary 3 - Working on your parishes Stewardship Program for 2019

15:00 - ADJOURN

PLENARY 1 - St. Hilda’s Capital Campaign

The rector, The Rev. Clarence Li, and others, will describe the goals and what they did in terms of fund-raising for the capital campaign to rebuild St. Hilda’s Anglican Church in Sechelt. They formed a Campaign Team and they’ll describe the work they did in raising almost $1 Million. Also, in Plenary 1, St. Faith Anglican Church will talk about their annual campaign and describe their goals and values.  In the Workshop #1, St. Hilda’s team will elaborate on the details of what they did. In Workshop #2, St. Faith’s team will elaborate on the details of what they did.

PLENARY 2 - A Culture of Stewardship

The Rev. Dr. Tellison Glover, Director of Mission and Ministry for the Diocese of New Westminster, will talk about the Culture of Stewardship that needs to be prevalent in every parish in the Diocese - indeed in the whole church across the land. He will talk about the spiritual implications of money and to teach people to be joyful givers in a sacrificial way. Talking about the culture of generous giving he will delve into why people give and how Clergy and Leaders in the parish need to give before anyone else does. In Workshop #3, Tellison will talk in more detail about A Culture of Stewardship and The Rev. Roberta Fraser will assist him.

PLENARY 3 - Working on the Parish Stewardship Plan

Participants will have an opportunity to work on their Parish Stewardship Plan during this time. The Agenda Planning Team for the Stewardship Day 2019 will be available to assist them

Treasurer, Dawn Parrott of St. George Anglican Church, Maple Ridge and a team from that parish, will talk about the new software they use to construct a Narrative Budget. It will feature their Breeze database that helps him and the wardens and parish council construct a narrative budget.



Team Fee: $25.00 (as many people that want to come - Minimum 3; Until March 16.

Early Bird Fee: $30.00 (Until February 14.)

Regular Fee: $35.00 (From February 15 to March 6.)

Late Bird Fee: $40.00 (From March 7 to 16.)

The registration page has a map and contact information.