Slogans by Christian and atheist groups appeared on buses in England and elsewhere. Make your own slogan by going to

The earnest young atheists in Britain who started the campaign with bus slogans “There’s probably no God” may turn out to be great evangelists for people of faith.

For anyone who takes the trouble to raise the money that an advertising campaign requires surely is showing they’re taking matters of faith seriously.

It does seem to take about as much effort to come to the belief that God does not exist, as to believing that one can see God’s hand in this world.

That bad things happen that Christians can’t fully explain–natural disasters, accidents, human evil–is for some, evidence of a Godless universe. That good things happen, things which inspire awe, wonder, an appreciation of beauty, the experience of love–and the life of Jesus–is for us evidence of the Creator.

What kills belief in God isn’t so much atheist argument, but apathy—not caring enough to struggle with and be open to the question.

So bring on the bus slogans, and let’s relax, enjoy life, serve each other, and talk.