Christine Rowe

The Ven. Christine Rowe has been appointed the regional Archdeacon of Burrard Archdeaconry by Bishop Michael Ingham. She follows the Ven. David Retter, who retired in August.

Archdeacon Rowe is rector of St. Thomas, Vancouver, and continues in that position. She had been serving as the regional dean for East Vancouver.

There are five archdeaconries in the Diocese of New Westminster, each with an archdeacon. Each archdeaconry includes two deaneries, with from five to eleven parishes in each deanery.

The Archdeaconry of Burrard includes the diocese's downtown and East Vancouver parishes, 14 in all. The role of the archdeacons is to advise the bishop and help him administer the diocese.

Besides the title of "venerable," an archdeacon has a stall in Christ Church Cathedral, is entitled to wear a ceremonial cope, and attends many meetings. "That's all right," said Rowe. "I enjoy meetings."