Diocesan Communications urges everyone to send in their favourite Pageant photos for 2009 and please include some information about what makes the pageant at your church special and unique.
On Sunday, December 13th, Advent 3 we visited St. Martin's North Vancouver where the Christmas Pageant was integrated into the main Sunday morning 10am service of Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer.
The celebration of our Saviours birth at St. Martin's included: an hilarious pantomime camel, music performed by pageant participants, some excellent reading by very young members of the congregation and the distribution of Christingles. Christingles were introduced to the Church of England in the 1960's from the Moravian worship tradition of Eastern Europe.
Each child participating in the pageant at St. Martin's was given one. They consist of: an orange which represents the world, sweets and candied fruit inserted in the orange symbolizing the good things God has placed on the earth, a red ribbon around the orange which represents Christ's love for us and a candle which is Jesus Christ, Light of the World. For more information on Christingles click on the link.
                                                 Children holding Christingles