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From the Eco-Justice Unit chair, the Reverend Margaret Marquardt

I signed on this statement as Anglican Eco-Justice Unit Chair. I was part of the consultation coordinated by the Citizen’s For Public Justice, a ecumenical national body in 2014, which developed this statement. Members of the Units of the Eco-Justice Unit were also present.

The consultation was with a varied groups of folks across different denomination in the lower mainland. We were 1 of 3-5 locations where the consultation happened across Canada. The statement came out of that.

I am sending this inviting members of the Diocese of New Westminster to bring this to your parishes and also sign on individually.

You will see that the date is this coming week, Feb. 29th so it is time sensitive.

The Citizen’s for Public Justice is responding to meetings that are now being planned by the Government of Canada.

Please see the letter below that I've received.

The Rev. Margaret Marquardt
Chair, Eco-Justice Unit, Diocese of New Westminster.

Hello Reverend Margaret,

We are writing to you today, because you represent one of the 65 national churches and faith-based organizations that signed on to the September 2015 Faith Leaders' Statement, “On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada.”

In an effort to build on the Statement, and the constructive participation of the Government of Canada at the international climate negotiations in Paris in December, CPJ is coordinating a national petition from people of faith who support your call for Canadian leadership on climate change.

Now is a critical time for climate policy in Canada.

Federal leaders will meet with the Premiers on March 3 to develop an ambitious and concrete Canadian climate action plan. We have 10 days left to collect signatures. Will you help us share the petition TODAY?

Promote the petition on Facebook, Twitter, or via email to your networks.
Sign online at

The deadline for signatures is February 29. CPJ will present these signatures to the government in early March.

Thanks for taking time to do this today!
Karri Munn-Venn & Miriam Mahaffy
Senior Policy Analyst | Policy Intern