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Please find attached below the December 2017 Coming Home Society Newsletter.

The following is the opening message on the cover page from CHS co-founder and board chair, Linda Adams, ODNW

For nearly twenty years the Coming Home Society has worked to empower First
Nations youth who are suffering from the legacy of Residential school trauma.

Your support has made healing possible. You have enabled mothers to reunite
with, and care for their children. You have saved lives, helping desperate youth to
pull back from darkness and despair. You have given young men and women
self-worth, and optimism for a future in which their culture is valued.

This year First Nations youth were very touched when you came to dinner to
celebrate their accomplishments in the Wisdom of Elders program. They were
grateful for your sponsorship to attend a community workshop with psychologist
Dr. Darien Thira, who showed them how to overcome the effects of colonization
by drawing on their culture’s traditional values.

‘Showing up, supporting, giving, teaching….’ We each have something to bring to
the journey of reconciliation. May the Creator God continue to inspire and guide
our hearts as we walk with First Nations youth to shape the future.