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God of our ancestors, God of our  future, who was and is and is to come, you have named us in baptism, and called us into friendship with you and one another. In this General Synod, give all participants grace to listen well, to speak with respect, to deliberate with wisdom, and to honour this gathering of your beloved Church; through Jesus Christ, before whose name we bow in adoration and praise, now and forever. Amen. 

 - Collect for the Sunday of General Synod 2019

Dear People of the Diocese of New Westminster,

General Synod officially begins this Wednesday, July 10 evening with an opening Eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral. I know that many of you are watching this particular Synod with great interest given the importance of the decisions that are before the delegates. I also know that many of you are worried about the upcoming votes related to the marriage canon.

I write to ask for your prayers for all the delegates to and decisions within the General Synod (the above Collect is a wonderful starting place). I especially ask your prayers for our own delegates: Rob Dickson, Kim Hodge, Glen Mitchell, Clare Urquhart, the Venerable Douglas Fenton, the Reverend John Stephens, Reverend Marnie Peterson, and myself.

I also write to let you know that I will be issuing a Pastoral Letter after the General Synod is over about how our Diocese will be going forward in terms of the marriage of same-sex couples within the Church. The Pastoral Letter will be circulated during the week prior to Sunday, July 21 and will include a request that it be read aloud and also available electronically and in print during the Sunday liturgies.

Please know of my love for all of you as General Synod begins.

In Christ,