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The Council of the North is pleased to launch its third annual Council of the North Month resources online. Council of the North Month is a partnership initiative with Anglican Appeal whereby Anglican churches across the country are encouraged to plan and promote an activity on behalf of Council of the North during the month of September.
“We choose September because in northern communities, this is the time for people to come together in Hunters’ Festivals and give thanks to the Creator for another successful harvest” said Archbishop David Ashdown, Diocese of Keewatin and Chair, Council of the North. “This year, we hope to encourage parishes across Canada to similarly come together to host community feasts – perhaps offering a stew traditional to their region, and homemade bannock.” A recipe for homemade bannock is among the numerous educational and fundraising resources included in the celebration kit.
Since its establishment in 2009 Council of the North Month, and the accompanying kit, have been instrumental in raising funds for, and awareness about, the challenges of ministry in the north. Archbishop Ashdown also encourages Canadian parishes to think about tying in a community feast in connection with their own Back to Church Sunday plans, “Back to Church Sunday is a great time for churches to educate their wider communities about the extent of the Church’s involvement in reaching out to people in the north. I can’t think of a more compelling message than to demonstrate how there has been a call to mission in the north, and that the whole Church is coming together to answer God’s call.”

In the past, resource kits have been mailed to parishes in the month of July. However due to the lingering Canada Post strike the resources have been placed online and a more streamlined parish kit will be mailed as soon as it is feasible. The link to the downloadable PDF resources as well as order forms for printed materials can be found by clicking the link.

For more information on how your parish can celebrate Council of the North Month please contact:

Fiona Brownlee
Council of the North
Phone: 807-464-0624
Michelle Hauser
Interim Manager, Annual Giving
Anglican Church of Canada:
Phone: 416-924-9199 x 326