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Companions on an Ancient Path – SSJD, TORONTO, ON

Submitted by Marg Henderson, Program Assistant, Companions Program

Since the 6th century, St. Benedict’s Rule has guided individuals and communities to live prayerful lives of loving service. Today many Christians are seeking fresh ways to express ancient truths. The Sisters of St. John the Divine, an Anglican order based in Toronto,  is planting new seeds of community life and mission, renewing the monastic life both in the church and for the church.

Companions on an Ancient Path, an initiative of the Sisters of St. John the Divine begun in 2016, invites women of any denomination, age 21 and up, to spend a year in spiritual formation, learning to pray, serve others and study while living alongside the Sisters in intentional community.

Those who become Companions will access “a unique expression of new monasticism within a traditional community that speaks to the next generation of Christians in North America in an innovative way, and is critical for the life of the ‘Ancient Future Church’ we are called to renew,” says Sr. Connie Gefvert, SSJD.

The 2018-2019 cohort begins in September. A woman interested in exploring the Companions’ program may request a Program Description, application and further information from the Companions’ Coordinator, Sister Constance Joanna, by e-mailing or phoning 416-226-2201, ext. 316. Applications will be considered anytime before June 15.

The Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine is a contemporary expression of religious life within the Anglican Church of Canada, founded in 1884. The SSJD is a prayer and gospel-centered monastic community bound together by the call to live out the baptismal covenant through the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

For more information about being a Companion, visit and our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube


Submitted by Brother Keith Nelson, Interns Director, SSJE  

Each autumn, the SSJE community welcomes a small group of young men and women to live alongside us as monastic interns for a period of nine months. They participate fully in the daily rhythm of prayer and worship and receive formation and guidance as they discern the shape of their Christian vocation. The gifts they bring – personal talents, diverse perspectives, burning questions, unique passions, and gifts of the Holy Spirit – enrich our life together immeasurably. Their hard work alongside us, day by day, also helps make our ministry possible.  

If nine months of full and balanced life in a monastic community is an experience that you or someone you know would find worthwhile, we invite you to find out more.  


Interns are single men and women (age 22-30), who desire a time of vocational discernment, spiritual reflection, or a period of sustained service that is slightly off the beaten path. Interns live in our Monastery Guesthouse in Cambridge, join the Brothers in daily worship, and assist with various aspects of the community’s ministry of hospitality. Interns also engage in robust theological and personal reflection guided by Brothers and meet regularly with spiritual directors from the SSJE community.

Inquiries are welcome at any time; please email:

In addition SSJE offers two further Monastic Immersion Programs for men and women of all ages: 

Summer Seminarians’ Experience

Emery House Residents