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On Thursdays in October and November members of different religious congregations in New Westminster will be baking thousands of cookies for delivery to doctors, nurses, aides, cleaners and assistants at Royal Columbian Hospital.

“We were tired of banging on pots, and reposting memes. We have to express our appreciation for all that health care workers have done these past 20 months,” says the Reverend Emilie Smith, Rector of St. Barnabas'.

Church warden, Maureen Shirley, pauses the mixer for a moment. “It’s been so hard, this pandemic,” she says. “And it’s shocking, unbelievable, that anyone would actually protest health safety measures right at the hospital.”

“We’re doing what we do best,” adds parishioner Liz McIntosh. “When there’s trouble – we bake!”

The first shipments have gone out: double chocolate chip walnut, and peanut butter chocolate chip. Several thousand cookies will be baked Thursday, October 21, and for the next six weeks.

In addition to the sweet support, St. Barnabas' has hosted five drop-in COVID-19 vaccination clinics. Over 300 neighbours got the jab – and a freezie to ease the ouch!

“We’ve got to help each other in every way,” says the Reverend Emilie. “We love our community!”


  • Emilie with cookies and full sink of dishes to do
  • Maureen and Liz stiring up a storm