Diocesan Council in session

Diocesan Council has urged the national Church to continue 10 times a year publication of the Anglican Journal, and ensure that Anglicans across the country receive timely news from their own church’s publications and not solely from the secular media.

Diocesan Communications Committee member and council Lay Secretary Charles Nurse proposed the motion. He also sits on a national communications committee.

In each diocese the Journal is mailed together with the diocesan newspaper – in this diocese with TOPIC. As a national “heritage” newspaper, the Journal receives a subsidy from the federal government that reduces its postage cost to about 17 cents per paper.

Nurse said that if the Journal were to stop publication, the subsidy would be lost, and it would be impossibly expensive to mail it and a diocesan newspaper to every Anglican household in the country.

A reduction in the Journal’s publication frequency were considered this fall as one way to meet a projected national Church deficit.