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On Sunday, September 9, 2018, St. Michael’s, Vancouver aka St. Michael’s Multicultural Anglican Parish and the Mission to Seafarer’s solidified what has been an historic and now a growing partnership in mission and ministry with a signed ministry covenant.

The document signed by the parish officers and the ordained leadership of the parish for St. Michael’s and by the Senior Port Chaplain on behalf of the Mission to Seafarers is as follows:



Paul’s letter to the Philippians teaches us the importance as followers of Jesus of supporting one another with prayer, encouragement and giving.

After consultation and discernment the Mission to Seafarers (MTS) in the Port of Vancouver, BC and the St. Michael’s Multicultural Anglican Parish (SMM) in Vancouver, BC have decided to partner in Mission in the care of seafarers and their families.

The purpose of this reciprocal and mutually beneficial partnership is to enable people at SMM to live out their multicultural Christian service as disciples of Jesus, and in so doing broaden and intensify the ability of the Mission to Seafarers to fulfil its mandate through an increase of volunteers.

For St. Michael’s, this is a return to a ministry that they supported at the turn of the millennium. It has now been institutionalized with this covenant.


  • The MTS and SMM will jointly explore opportunities where SMM individuals and groups can support seafarers.
  • The MTS will orientate, train and equip volunteers.
  • The MTS will work to grow awareness of the seafarer amongst the people of St. Michael’s and through them to others.
  • SMM will support MTS events (Cycling for Seafarers in August, Christmas at Sea, and if possible host an annual fundraiser for the Mission).
  • SMM will pray for the Mission, the seafarers and their families.
  • SMM will host an annual Sea  Sunday service at St. Michael’s.
  • Representatives from MTS and SMM will meet to plan as needed and to annually review the partnership

The covenant was signed by churchwardens: James Baldo, ODNW and Moses Kajoba, ODNW; the ordained leaders of the parish, rector, the Reverend Wilmer Toyoken and deacon, the Reverend Eric Stroo and on behalf of Mission to Seafarers, Senior Port Chaplain, the Reverend Peter Smyth.


  • Rev. Wilmer Toyoken signs the covenant. From left to right Rev. Peter Smyth, James Baldo, Rev. Eric Stroo, Moses Kajoba
  • Rev. Stroo signs the covenant as Rev. Toyoken and People’s Warden James Baldo look on.