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The folks at St. Oswald’s, Port Kells are professional class quilters and they have chosen to pursue this ministry of sending care and comfort through carefully and lovingly created textiles to folks who will really appreciate them. Here is what parishioner and quilter, Joyce Mancinelli had to say about the October delivery:

“And they’re off!

Another dozen quilts head across the country to Newfoundland!

After watching the scenes of devastation following the hurricane, I felt we needed to do something. But what? The quilts came to mind. Would they even be wanted?

 I found the contact for the local Anglican paper. They put me in touch with a lovely person named Karen who said that as four of her neighbours had lost everything (and apparently it was even worse in the Burnt Islands)  for children would be welcome.

Next step…boxes. We found some at U-Haul. Filled the box to the top with quilts and squished it down. Off to Puralator. Ah…now the destination was Margaree, a  town that doesn’t seem to exist. Was I sure the address was correct? The closest they could come was Port-aux-Basques (and there wasn’t an actual pic- up point within 100 km radius!). Karen assured me Port-aux-Basques would be fine and would reach the recipients. 

And they were on their way!

Hopefully they will be able to send us a couple of pictures (but the quilts will be REALLY creased by the time they get there! I did warn her!)

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