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Advent I, 2021 was November 28 - the first Sunday of a new church year.
Please find linked below the Prayer Cycles for 2021-2022 the Monthly Cycle of Prayer and Weekly Cycle of Prayer were updated November 8, 2021 and distributed to all clergy, parish offices, the latest update of the Weekly Cycle was posted December 6, 2021
The Monthly for Daily worship and Weekly Diocesan Cycles of Prayer are provided by the Synod office to assist parishes in their worship life. They are updated several times a year and available as downloads here on this page.
As these documents are supplied in .WORD, you are encouraged to update them with the help of the information posted in the Parish Mail/14TEN letter's "Personnel" section and the Clergy News Around the Diocese news items posted regularly on the diocesan website.
The Cycles of Prayer will be updated throughout the year Advent 1 - Reign of Christ and are here on the diocesan website.