Amadea Vance and David Suzuki on Feb. 27. Dr. Suzuki spoke at Amadea's church, Christ the Redeemer, Surrey, during his tour across Canada
It was only 10 am and already Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church was packed. David Suzuki arrived in a campaign style tour bus. As he prepared to speak about climate change the last of the spectators arrived and found seats in the packed balcony.

Finally David was ready to start his first talk of the day. He walked in and took his seat. Immediately alert, the room went quiet. But instead of David Suzuki getting up, another "great Canadian" got up (that's how they introduced him!) - my Dad, the Rev. Craig Vance.

He started by explaining how we got to this Moment. It all started in October when my Mom and Dad went into Vancouver to see "An Inconvenient Truth." As soon as they got back, they were raving about how good it was.

Soon after, Dad had an idea that the Clova Theater should show it. He organized it and got the the youth group to advertise it around the community and asked someone from the Suzuki Foundation to speak after. It ended up selling out and having 100 people lined up around the block. That's how it all started.

So back to David Suzuki. The main thing I got out of the speech was that we all have to do our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One way we can do this is to commit to three of the ten options of the Nature Challenge. These are surprisingly easy.

One of the options is having a meat-free meal once a week. How easy is that!. But the main thing is to get involved and stay informed.

As a youth who's concerned about our environment and my future, I say: Do your part, Canadians!