Diocesan Council met for the last time in 2010 on Tuesday, December 14th, 7:30pm at St. Augustine’s Church in Marpole.
Bishop Michael welcomed DC members and began the meeting by circulating a copy of a new book about long-time St. James’ parishioner and Social Justice activist May Gutteridge. The book written by Douglas Wellbanks is titled From Lost to Found: The May Gutteridge Story. Bishop Michael highly recommended this book to DC and commented that he was very moved by the story of May, a person who lived an extraordinary Christian life of compassion and service. The book is available by contacting the St. James Parish Office.Also, the book will be reviewed by Dr. John Conway in the February issue of Topic the monthly publications of the Diocese of New Westminster.
(In the image Clerical Secretary, the Rev. Karin Fulcher, extends her arms to show she no longer needs a cane or crutch as her leg cast had been removed. Archdeacon Ronald Harrison approves)
Trip to Taipei
The first item on the agenda was a report from Bishop Michael and Diocesan Youth Coordinator Phil Colvin about their trip to Taiwan at the invitation of the Right Reverend David Lai, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Taiwan at the end of October, beginning of November, 2010. The principal purpose of the trip was to renew the partnership that has existed between our two dioceses for the last decade and explore new ideas in that relationship.
Phil gave a synopsis of his visit to St. John’s University and the proposed program that will involve the youth of the two dioceses scheduled for the summer of 2011. For a detailed account of Phil’s trip please click the link. Phil went on to encourage DC members to promote the upcoming program in their parishes and commend it to youth 17-25. For registration and information, please click 2011 Taiwan Mission registration form and 2011 Taiwan Mission poster.
Bishop Michael began by briefing DC about his visit to the bishops of Hong Kong en route to his appointment in Taiwan.
Hong Kong was an extra-provincial diocese closely connected to the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Following the return of Hong Kong to the government of China in 1997 the one diocese divided into three and those three became the Province of Hong Kong. In terms of church membership the entire province is similar in numbers to the D of NW.
During his conversation with the Most Reverend Paul Kwong, Primate of Hong Kong and the other Hong Kong bishops, Bishop Michael asked if they would consider visiting the Diocese of New Westminster to meet with and discuss ministry development among the Chinese-Canadian Community. A visit by Archbishop Paul is being scheduled for 2011.
Archbishop Paul said that while his personal theology does not allow for him to support the Blessing of Same Sex Unions (and Bishop Michael said this was quite acceptable in the D of NW)it should not prevent us all working together for the unity and mission of Christ. He suggested that the issue is not sexuality but the unity and the structure of the Anglican Communion.
Bishop Michael then traveled to Taipei to facilitate a clergy conference and participate in worship & liturgy (including a service that contained both baptisms and confirmations).
(In the image on right Bishop David and Bishop Michael confirm the newly baptised Christians)
At the clergy conference Bishop Michael was invited to speak about sexuality and specifically homosexuality and the church. Bishop Michael noted that it is 10 years since the two dioceses agreed to be partners and now, after that period of time, enough trust has been established that the conversation can take place.
Bishop David took no position in the discussions but he instructed the clergy to reflect deeply on what that they had heard and discussed and he charged each of the clergy in attendance with the personal responsibility of befriending one gay or lesbian person in order that the church in Taiwan may begin this conversation.
Following Bishop Michael’s and Phil’s report, DC moved and accepted the receipt of the
DC Minutes of November 9th, 2010

Action Items
  • A resolution regarding wording of a Camp Artaban funding resolution was passed by email last week and needed to be ratified by DC. Its ratification was unanimous
  • The 127 Society for Housing is an organization closely associated with the Diocese of New Westminster and with Christ Church Cathedral. 127 have applied for a grant from the Anglican Foundation. The grant application was recommended to DC for approval by the Administration and Finance Committee. The motion to approve the application was passed unanimously. 127 will submit a grant application requesting $15,000 to aid in the funding of that organization’s Community Worker program. The Community Worker program is currently supported by the Diocese through GEM in the amount of $25,000 and by Christ Church Cathedral for $32,000.
  • Registrar Don Paul spoke about the legalities surrounding the use of the proceeds of property sales specifically related to a grant that Bishop Michael (at the request of the parish) has requested in the amount of $7,000 for Christ Church, Hope. After the Registrar’s explanation, DC voted unanimously to allocate the funds for 2010 and for 2011 to Christ Church, Hope in keeping with the canons and regulations of the diocese regarding use of funds from property sales.

Financial Statements of October 31st, 2011

Business Administrator Rob Dickson took DC through the Executive Summary prepared by Comptroller Mark Beley. The figures follow much the same pattern as DC has seen for the past few months. Actuals are slightly higher than Budget but all in all investment earnings are stable as are expenses.


The last Diocesan Council Meeting of 2010 ended with nominations.
Three members were nominated and approved by DC to the Mission to Seafarers Board and those who were nominated to the Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Surrey Board after a number of resolutions had been passed at the November meeting were also approved

For details please refer to the Minutes of the November 9th DC Meeting.

DC was adjourned by Bishop Michael just prior to 9pm.
Diocesan Council Minutes for 2009 and 2010 are now available on the website Downloads page.
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(Image: Bishop Michael and Chancellor George Cadman confer)
Diocesan Council is the decision making, governing body of the Diocese of New Westminster consisting of:
  • the Diocesan Officers (Bishop, Dean, Executive Archdeacon,Chancellor, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer)
  • the Archdeacons of the five Archdeaconries
  • the Archdeacon who is the Director of Deacons
  • two additional Diocesan Legal Officers, (Registrar and Legal Assessor)
  • a Lay Secretary, a Clergy Secretary,
  • the chairs of the Diocesan Standing Committees
  • there are two Deanery reps either Ordained or Lay. Sometimes Deaneries have two lay reps and sometimes two clergy reps, sometimes one of each. A Deanery is a group of churches, geographically affiliated and the reps are elected at the Annual Synod Meeting.
  • Synod Staff also attend meetings but are not members of Diocesan Council. They include: Business Administrator, Director of Planned Giving, Comptroller, Youth Coordinator and Communications Officer (and other staff as required).
Diocesan Synod consists of all the active clergy in the Diocese of New Westminster and 2-6 lay people elected from each diocesan parish proportionate to the size of the parish community.
Diocesan Council functions as the Synod between Synods, it is a representation of the large group that meets annually.
Diocesan Council and Diocesan Synod are both chaired by the Bishop.
Diocesan Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month usually at St. Augustine, Marpole at 7:30pm. Diocesan Council is adjourned for the months of July and August.