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The familiar melodies and driving rhythms of the Fab Four rang out over East Vancouver on the evening of Friday, October 14, as St. Thomas’ (Collingwood) hosted a fund-raising dance to support Cultural Art Therapy programmes in Vancouver Native Housing and the Britannia Community Centre.

The music was provided by the North Shore band “Definitely Not the Beatles,” featuring the Ven. Stephen Muir, Archdeacon of Capilano, on drums. The idea for a musical evening came about after Stephen toured St. Thomas’ following its recent renovations, and noted that the upper hall and stage would make a fine performance venue for his band.

The congregation of St Thomas’ has been working hard to engage in the work of Reconciliation, and following a recent cultural workshop with Michael Sabian Rawcliffe, decided that a fundraiser in support of Sabian’s work would be a worthwhile event. Kerry Baisley, Diocesan Missioner for Indigenous Justice, attended the fundraiser and took time between the band’s sets to explain the importance of cultural art therapy for residential school survivors.

The high-energy event attracted a full house, and raised over $2,000. More to the point, the dance floor was full for most of the evening, and at the end of the night the fans were screaming for more!


“Definitely Not the Beatles” play St Thomas’ Collingwood (left to right): Jon “Not Paul” O’Neil on bass, Stephen “Not Ringo” Muir on drums, Roy “Not George” Gould on lead guitar, and Randy “Not John” Cunningham on rhythm guitar.