Environmental Stewards needed

The Environmental Task Force (ETF) is recruiting Environmental Stewards from each parish. This person will serve as a liaison between the ETF and their parish to ensure that environmental issues are raised at the parish level. There will be no meetings to attend. Correspondence will be done by email. Call David Dranchuk at 604 684-6306, Ext. 221 or email: ddranchuk@vancouver.anglican.ca

Kneelers needed

As part of the restoration of Christ Church Cathedral, new cushions for kneeling are to be placed in the nave. The Cathedral Chapter is asking people in parishes throughout the diocese for help so that at least 100 cushions can be created in needle point.

Sample patterns with simple designs can be provided, or needle point patterns may be chosen or created by the needle workers themselves.

A memorial book will be made with pictures of each kneeler. It will include information about the needle workers, the parish from which they come, and the design.

For more information please call the Cathedral office at 604-682.3848 or email office@cathedral.vancouver.bc.ca