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Bishop Michael welcomed two new members, Belinda Kishimoto representing Richmond/Delta and Kathleen Glynn-Morris representing Capilano/Kingcome.

After posing for a Diocesan Council 2012 photo, Bishop Michael moved DC right into the evening’s AGENDA.

3.1 Diocesan School
Reverend Patrick Blaney introduced members of the Anglican School Working group, Liz Cullen and Greg Clark who took DC through the plans for the proposed diocesan school, including the school’s core values, curriculum and extra-curricular activities.
There are many Anglican schools around the world that fill the faith-based school gap between Roman Catholic and Conservative Christian schools.
Liz and Greg pointed out the many positive benefits of creating an Anglican “Independent” school or possibly schools located at a number of different sites.
The Anglican school helps towards implementation of the youth and family ministry priority of diocesan strategic Plan 2018.
Enrollment in independent schools has risen dramatically in Canada and the role of an Anglican school would give parents who are already planning on enrolling their children in faith based schools another alternative.
A discussion ensued about where the students would come from and how many students the school could expect in its early formation.
Liz and Greg estimated that the school would grow to  approximately 600 students, K-12.
The purpose of the presentation and ensuing discussion was to bring Synod motion #5 to a vote.
The motion to be voted on later in the meeting.

3.2 White Paper on Diocesan Reorganization and Restructuring
Dean Peter Elliott put forward the question “How can we organize ourselves more effectively so that we can live out our agreed upon mission which is growing Communities of faith in Jesus Christ to serve God’s mission in the world.”
Dean Peter opined that this could be the most important work that this Diocesan Council does during its term. This paper is the work of Diocesan Council.
The White Paper Draft distributed to DC for the June 12th meeting is a ‘”rolling draft.” It is an intentionally provocative discussion paper. Dean Peter said that he thinks that the report that is eventually presented to Synod in 2013 will look extremely different than this current draft.
DC broke up into 5 groups each led by a member of the Task Force which consists of: Paul Borthistle, Peter Elliott, Sue Foley-Currie, Jim Stewart, Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, Marcia Sauder (Editor) and Douglas Fenton (Staff Support). Paul and Marcia were not present but were thanked by the other members of the Task Force for their extraordinary contributions to the White Paper.
At the conclusion of 15-20 minutes of small group discussion, Dean Peter requested that the meeting move forward and that the Task Force members who had taken notes in the small group discussions get together and share notes at their next meeting.

3.3 Report on May CoGS Meeting
Archdeacon Lynne McNaughton reported on the May meeting of the governing body of the National Church.
An often heard word in the church currently is “restructuring” and with the much smaller size of CoGS Lynne reported that it is now easier to spend more time discussing issues. Because of its smaller numbers CoGS members are able to get to know each other better and that familiarity makes dialogue easier.
CoGs was able to get a very good start on the key issues facing the National Church.
The excitement of working with Lutherans as both denominations move toward our combined Synod in Ottawa in 2013 is also tempered with the many concerns of planning a General Synod for two denominations of four days duration keeping in mind that the 2010 General Synod in Halifax was 10 days.
Lynne made reference to the Mississauga Declaration and the Good Friday press release issued by the House of Bishop’s of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC and Yukon about the National Energy Commission hearings regarding the expansion of the northern pipeline.

4.1 Minutes of May 8th, 2012
Bishop Michael asked that the record of his comments around the House of Bishops and the Open Table discussion be amended as there were some inaccuracies.
The minutes will be posted to the Resources site when they have been amended. Please check back.

Bishop Michael makes two appointments to Diocesan Council, one clergy and one laity: The Reverend Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles, chair of the Road to 2018 Strategic Plan Implementation Group(who needs to be present at DC) and as no Youth Member was elected at Synod, Cameron Gutjahr of St. Mary’s, Kerrisdale was appointed to serve as DC Youth delegate.

Please click on the links to download the correspondence received in the month of May
Letter from the Primate 05-23-2012
National Church Creation Matters Task Group 05-24-201
Mission to Seafarers 05-15-2012
VST 05-15-2012

6.1 Christ the Redeemer – Request for loan interest relief
Business Administrator Rob Dickson led DC through the process of discernment that has faced the parish as they contemplate their future. The accumulation of debt interest that is accumulating for the parish is worrying and is putting pressure on the parish and negatively affecting their ability to develop ministry.
Assistant Treasurer Jim Stewart was then asked to brief DC with some additional comments.
Christ the Redeemer has more land than they need but they have a heritage building on the land (the “Heritage Hall”). Selling the land for subdivisions if not done properly may result in the parish being hidden by the new development around it. Parking and developing parking is also an issue.
Their financial situation and the difficulty that they face in how to deal with challenges of restructuring their property so that they may be able to sell some land for a one or two lot subdivision is a distraction from their being able to articulate and implement a Ministry Plan. Dr Starr Allaby, chair of Ministry and Congregational Development Committee, indicated the level of passion expressed by Christ the Redeemer Parish Council when discussing their current ministry and plans for the future.
The Motion recommended to Diocesan Council was…
THAT Diocesan Council waive the interest charges on the loans of the Parish of Christ the Redeemer, Surrey that are due to the Diocese effective June 1, 2012 until June 30, 2013, subject to further extension upon review at that time and subject to the Parish and the Diocese completing a more detailed plan of action for the Parish and its future due to the complexity of the developing ministry plans of the parish situation and the related issues of buildings and property

6.2 St. Faith – Draw from proceeds of Sale of Rectory
Business Administrator Rob Dickson summarized the Parish of St. Faith’s request to access the funds from the sale of their former rectory.
Legal Registrar Don Paul suggested that the motion be amended slightly to encompass some additional language.

6.3 St John’s, Shaughnessy, Rectory Sale
Treasurer Ian Robertson gave a brief history of the structure that was the former SJS rectory currently being rented. The current one year lease agreement ends July 31st, 2012.
The priest designate does not want to live in this house, the tenants have moved out and the consensus is that it would take at least $50,000 in renovations to bring the house up to minimum rental standards.
The house itself is most likely a “tear-down” on a nice lot.
The Motion recommended for Diocesan Council is as follows…
THAT Diocesan Council gives its approval to the Parish of St. John’s (Shaughnessy) for the sale of the rectory residence property at 2883 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, and that the terms and conditions of the sale be approved by the Sale Committee of the Diocese and that the proceeds of the sale be deposited in the Diocesan Consolidated Trust Fund as an account restricted by Diocesan Council. The Sale Committee is to advise Diocesan Council of the results of this sale upon its completion.

After the break Bishop Michael announced that Archdeacon Ronald Harrison had been awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his service to the Royal Canadian Navy. And Rev. Andrew Wilhelm-Boyles announced that Rev. Lizz Lindsay had received that evening (June 12, 2012) the VCC Outstanding Alumni Award for Culture and Community. Lizz taught in the dental assisting program at VCC, and in retirement completed VCC's culinary arts program then founded three community meal programs on the North Shore
Link to a VIDEO about Lizz
6.4 St. Anselm - Request for restricted funds for 2012
Assistant Treasurer Jim Stewart passed on to DC the Administration and Finance Committee’s concern that the parish is “burning” through their assets in the Consolidated Trust Fund. Jim stressed that the parish should strive to complete MAP to discern their future.
The suggested motion for Diocesan Council:
THAT Diocesan Council authorizes that the Parish of St. Anselm be allowed to access their restricted Consolidated Trust Fund up to the sum of $86,000 to support the Parish’s ministry in 2012 with interim reports being made to MCDC on its progress in MAP on 1 June 2012, 1 October 2012 and a final report by 31 December 2012. This amount is to be accounted for as an advance to be returned as values increase in the Rectory Fund going forward. This is not a lowering of the Diocesan Council Restricted level of the account.

6.5 Changes to Regulation 11
Don Paul addressed this document that makes some regulatory changes to more accurately reflect what the standing committees are doing. And he explained the details of the regulation changes.
There were some discussion around clarifications of term limits and other wording.
The questions were answered and the discussion resolved.

6.7 Motion from Synod #5 –The Anglican School (refer to 3.1)
THAT Synod supports the initiative to create a school which is identifiably Anglican and has a relationship with the Diocese of New Westminster.

Treasurer Ian Robertson spoke to the motion and commented that it is absent of mention of any financial support requested from the diocese.
The Reverend Patrick Blaney responded that the business plan as developed by the Working Group does not request any financial support from the diocese.
Archdeacon Lynne McNaughton asked what does “support” mean. Patrick answered that support in this context refers to “governance,” and that what the school developers want from the diocese is “a strong connection.”
The Reverend Dr. Richard Leggett spoke against the motion and pointed out that there is no evidence that Anglican Schools around the world contribute to a growth in Anglican populations or Anglican youth ministry.
He also offered the information to DC that the provincial government contributes 9,000 dollars per student in independent schools. This could result in an expenditure of upwards of 5 million dollars to the proposed diocesan school which would take 5 million dollars out of the public school system.
Kathleen Glyn-Morris spoke passionately about the need to develop an Anglican School and be part of the “choice” that people will make, particularly if they have already made the initial decision to access an independent school education for their children.
After additional discussion Archdeacon John Bailey brought back the question of “what exactly does diocesan support mean?”
Patrick Blaney clarified that the motion asks the diocese to support the idea, thereby saying that the diocese “likes” the idea and that the development of the school is work supported by the office of the Bishop.
Patrick said that Richard’s suggestion about the government funding of independent schools was “false economy.” He contended that without independent schools the public school system could very well fold in on itself because of the added stress on the system brought about by additional student populations.

6.8 Update of Regulation 18 was deferred to the September Meeting

8.3 Bishop’s Missioner
Dean Peter Elliott was appointed Bishop’s Missioner at ¼ time. This will take him away from his work at the Cathedral to assist with the planting of new congregations at the three parishes that returned to worship in the Anglican Church of Canada in the summer and fall of 2011.

8.4 Progress Report on Feasibility Study for Diocesan Financial Campaign
Glen Mitchell, Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving told DC that the feasibility study consisting of parish surveys and personal interviews being conducted by his office and Compton Fundraising is going well. As of Friday, June 8th more than half the parish surveys have been completed and submitted and a good number of interviews conducted. Glen reminded DC that preliminary results of the study will not be available until the end of July with a detailed written report expected later in August.
Nonetheless, there is a Special Synod scheduled for Saturday, September 15th at St. Dunstan, Aldergrove to discuss and vote on the one issue of whether or not to move forward with the financial campaign following the receipt of Compton’s findings.
The Synod will open for registration for 7:30-9am, followed by Morning Prayer and then the Synod meeting from 9:20am until 12noon.

9.2 New Members of Standing Committees for 2012/2013.
Archdeacon Ronald Harrison moved that the nominees be accepted in an omnibus motion.
Click the link to download the list of STANDING COMMITTEE MEMBERS

The remaining agenda items were deferred and will be brought before Diocesan Council during the Fall of 2012.

The June 12, 2012, meeting of Diocesan Council was adjourned at 10:35pm
Next Meeting, September 11th, 2012 at St. Augustine’s, Marpole
If anyone would like copies of the public documents distributed to DC for this meeting please contact Randy Murray or Sandra Stevenson.
Images: Top left, Greg Clark presents the diocesan school proposal, Middle right, The Reverends Patrick Blaney and Andrew Wilhelm - Boyles. Lower left, Dean Peter Elliott and Reverend Douglas Fenton chat during the short coffee break, Below, 2012 Diocesan Council, D of NW
Diocesan Council is the decision making, governing body of the Diocese of New Westminster consisting of:
the Diocesan Officers (Bishop, Dean, Executive Archdeacon,Chancellor, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer)
the Archdeacons of the five Archdeaconries
the Archdeacon who is the Director of Deacons
two additional Diocesan Legal Officers, (Registrar and Legal Assessor)
a Lay Secretary, a Clergy Secretary,
the chairs of the Diocesan Standing Committees
there are two Deanery reps either Ordained or Lay. Sometimes Deaneries have two lay reps and sometimes two clergy reps, sometimes one of each. A Deanery is a group of churches, geographically affiliated and the reps are elected at the Annual Synod Meeting.
Synod Staff also attend meetings but are not members of Diocesan Council. They include: Business Administrator, Director of Planned Giving, Comptroller, Youth Coordinator and Communications Officer (and other staff as required).
Diocesan Synod consists of all the active clergy in the Diocese of New Westminster and 2-6 lay people elected from each diocesan parish proportionate to the size of the parish community.
Diocesan Council functions as the Synod between Synods, it is a representation of the large group that meets annually.
Diocesan Council and Diocesan Synod are both chaired by the Bishop.

Diocesan Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month usually at St. Augustine, Marpole at 7:30pm. Diocesan Council is adjourned for the months of July and August.