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The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF ) and the diocesan unit say thank you to all individuals and parishes who donated to and undertook collective fund raising efforts for items in the 2017 World of Gifts guide. In our diocese as part of the Reign of Christ Sunday initiative by the diocesan unit parishes were encouraged to make use of the guide. Across the country $403,000 has been raised so far. Goats were the number one seller with 2,640 billies and nannies being purchased for the All Mothers and Children Count program with its 6:1 matching of funds by Global Affairs Canada. The Anglican Parish in Heart’s Content, Newfoundland organized a “Walk for Goats” and raised approximately $4000 enough for 132 goats.  These gifts of livestock have the power to improve a family’s health by providing nutrition and a source of income. Funds donated for approximately 13,000 kgs of seed will enable farmers in Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and Mozambique to diversify their crops and provide better nutrition to their families. Fundraising for bore wells in Tanzania was a popular item for parishes. As a result, more women and girls will not have to spend hours each day fetching water and girls can attend school instead. Gifts in support of refugees and former refugees around the world in countries such as Egypt, Guatemala, and Kenya at the Kakuma Refugee Camp are impacting people’s lives. Items may continue to be purchased year round from the guide under resources on the PWRDF website or by calling 1-866-308-7973.

Further thanks are owed to donors in the diocese for more than $5000 which was raised last September in support of the Ride for Refuge from which funds were given to empower women through the PWRDF partner organization Pemba in Mozambique with its microfinancing program. The 2018 Ride for Refuge will be held on Saturday, September 29.

PWRDF continues its joint fund raising initiative with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) in celebration of ten years of membership with CFGB and the 35th anniversary of CFGB whose objective is to work toward ending world hunger. All donations are matched on a 4 to 1 basis by Global Affairs Canada. PWRDF’s work with CFGB is currently centred in South Sudan in regions facing severe food insecurity due to armed conflict that has hampered food production and increased food prices. The project is providing approximately 1500 households or 9000 people with monthly food baskets of sorghum, beans, vegetable oil, and salt. Priority is being given to households with malnourished children, lactating or pregnant women, and households headed by children, a physically disabled parent, a single mother, widow or elderly person. The total budget is $375.000. PWRDF looks to expand its engagement with and equity in the CFGB and to increase the number of Grow Hope projects it supports in Canada which link parishes to farmers, some from their own congregations, who receive funding for their production from the parishes then pass on sales revenue to CFGB.

During Lent of 2018, the diocesan unit encouraged parishes to support the joint PWRDF and CFGB fundraising initiative. In consultation with CFGB staff and the Rev Cathy Campbell, PWRDF representative on the Board of CFGB, and a former member of our diocese, the unit is currently exploring diverse means by which parishes may offer their support to increase PWRDF’s equity in CFGB. On March 15, I as chair of the unit, attended the annual ‘Make a Difference Sale’ for CFGB held at the McClary’s  Stockyard in Abbotsford .This event in our diocese raises the most funds for CFGB in BC and last year $208,000 was forthcoming which was matched on a 4:1 basis by Global Affairs Canada. The event is organized by the local farming community but with items coming from across the province. An amazing array of donated items mostly farm and food production related are auctioned off along with cattle for milk and meat production. 

On April 24 The Milleraires Big Band is planning a fundraising concert in support of the CFGB at St. Catherine, North Vancouver. Last year the same orchestra under the organization of bandmember and parishioner Tony Dodd gave a benefit concert in support of purchasing solar suitcases for medical clinics in Mozambique. People wishing to make a donation to PWRDF’s equity in CFGB may call PWRDF at 1-866-308-7973.

While celebrating ten years of membership in the CFGB , PWRDF is looking forward to marking its own 60th anniversary beginning later this year with reference to the coal mining disaster October 1958 in Springhill NS. Anglicans response to the disaster led to the formation of the Primate’s World Relief Fund at General Synod in June 1959.

The diocesan unit looks forward to marking and celebrating the anniversary in our diocese and is inviting readers’ suggestions for doing this. The unit is also inviting new membership for the unit as we look for new creative and imaginative ideas preparing for the 60th anniversary. Additional members will assist our efforts to reach out more to parishes and parish representatives to support them in their efforts to share the good news stories of our church’s faith through PWRDF inspired by its vision for a ‘truly just, healthy, and peaceful world’. The unit is also seeking to establish closer links with PWRDF’s partner ecumenical organizations such as the CFGB and Kairos and their local representatives and committees. We are currently blessed to have the support of Jessica Steele as a PWRDF Youth Council member in our diocese to assist especially with engaging younger members in the work of PWRDF and its youth focused component, Just Generation.

If you would be interested in joining the diocesan unit in our efforts or for further information related to this article or regarding PWRDF and the diocesan unit please contact Peter Goodwin, chair of the unit at 604-929-6143 or at


  • The McClary’s Stockyard Auction in Abbotsford
  • The author on the right is seen here with Tami Duff, CFGB resource assistant for Western Canada, and James Kornelsen, CFGB Public Engagement Coordinator.


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