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In 2019 the Diocese of New Westminster, along with the United and Roman Catholic churches, decided to support a new type of community housing that would provide homes for L’Arche community members and the general public needing affordable housing. Today that housing complex is accepting applications for tenants.

Replacing three homes that housed members of L’Arche, the new complex at 7415 Sussex Avenue in Burnaby includes housing for the L’Arche community, plus 10 units of housing for adults with diverse needs who can live more independently, and 29 rental units open to adults, couple and families who want to live in an intentional community.

Applications are now being accepted for the 29 rental units that make up part of the complex. There are studio, one, two and three bedroom units available for rent. Some of the units are rentals “geared to income,” meaning rent is determined by tenant’s income bracket. Some units are also available at “below market rates,” which while still high, is lower than the market rate for similar units in Greater Vancouver.

Anyone interested in the rental units must apply via BC Housing. If you or someone you know is looking for below market or geared to income housing in an intentional community setting, contact L’Arche of Greater Vancouver via email for more information about how to apply. Email