The members of the Diocesan Task Force on Physical Resources have learned very quickly that our mandate is a lot more than just about buildings and property. It is really about how we live out the ministries to which God has called us in each of our communities.

The purpose of the October consultation is to share our thoughts and most importantly to get feedback from Anglicans throughout the diocese.

At each consultation the Task Force will present:

  • an outline of Mission and Ministry of the Church;
  • suggestions for characteristics of healthy mission and ministry;
  • initial results of the demographic study of communities in the Diocese;
  • an outline of a possible new approach to ministry based on experiences in the Diocese of Niagara, Hamilton Mountain;
  • an outline of "where we go from here."

There will be plenty of opportunity for input. Group discussions will take place after each of the first three presentations followed by a question period. The Task Force will also welcome written submissions from parishes or individuals.

A package of pre-consultation materials, including characteristics of healthy mission and ministry and demographics for the surrounding community will be sent to parishes two weeks prior to the consultation. Parish leaders are asked to read this material as they get ready to provide input.