Calling all would-be artists, marketers, graphic designers and skilled doodlers!

The Communications Committee of the Diocese of New Westminster is putting out a challenge to creative, thoughtful, innovative people throughout our diocese to design a logo or word-mark for the Diocese of New Westminster

The logo  would be imprinted on diocesan communications - website, brochures, stationery, (except of course for the Bishops’ stationery), signs, etc.

Submit your design by mail or email by February 28. A panel hopes to pick a dozen or so designs and display them at Synod May 26 and 27.

The design does not have to be polished – we are looking for ideas. It can be a sketch on the back of an envelope or on a napkin, though an 8½ by 11-inch piece of paper would probably work better. The design should work in print, on posters, and in electronic form on the website – which means it can’t be too finicky.

By submitting your design, you give permission to the Diocese of New Westminster to use your idea for that design, and it becomes the property of the Diocese of New Westminster.

The winner will get a nice prize – to be announced next month.

One suggestion: Consider the Diocese of New Westminster Coat of Arms, a marvelous and colourful design. Elements contained in the arms may serve as a starting point for your design: the English roses, the azure backdrop, the shape of the shield, stole and mitre, and the martlets (winged messenger birds without feet). See the Rev. Robert Black’s wonderful article on the arms in the December 2002 issue of TOPIC.

Don’t procrastinate, participate!

Send your entry to Logo Contest c/o Randy Murray, Christ Church Cathedral, 690 Burrard St., Vancouver, V6C 2L1, or email