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The self-described “conservative, liberal, evangelical, charismatic catholic Anglican” Greg Kerr-Wilson was elected the 9th Bishop in the diocese of Calgary on Saturday June 16th.
In the first electronic Episcopal election in this diocese, 48 clergy and 113 laity synod delegates were unable to present the required 50% plus one votes in both houses after seven ballots. Only the Ven. Ansley Tucker and the Rt. Rev. Greg Kerr-Wilson remained after the first ballot. The Rev. Dr. Richard LeSueur and the Rev. Canon Gene Packwood withdrew. The Very Rev. Dr. Iain Luke was eliminated because the minimum percentage of votes was not obtained.
After the seventh ballot, chair of the electoral synod Archbishop Metropolitan David Ashdown used the provincial canon dictated to declare the election of the Rt. Rev. Greg Kerr-Wilson who is currently serving as the 11th Bishop of Qu'Appelle. The Diocese of Qu'Appelle covers the southernmost third of the civil Province of Saskatchewan. He was ordained as bishop of that diocese in May 2006. His installation as Bishop in the diocese of Calgary are slated for Saturday September 29th, 2012 at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer in Calgary.
The provincial canon covering a deadlock in an Episcopal election has four options. The first three require a resolution be presented and passed with a 50% plus one majority of the votes cast. As outlined by Archbishop Ashdown, the first would be to end the synod and start over again, repeat the process and hold an election again in six months or so. The second option would be to re-do the ballot and start again with the five candidates listed originally. The third option would be to send it all to the Electoral College to declare the next Bishop.

The fourth option is automatic if there are no successful resolutions presented before the sixth ballot. A resolution to invoke option one was presented, discussed and defeated so at the end of the seventh vote [six ballots with only Kerr-Wilson and Tucker in deadlock] the aggregate of the percentages of both houses was calculated and clearly showed Kerr-Wilson elected.