The Compass Rose

To show support for the world-wide Anglican Com-munion, the Diocese of New Westminster has joined the Compass Rose society sent a representative to its annual meeting in London this month.

Last spring Diocesan Council resolved to take out membership in the society and actively participate in its work. Besides supporting the staff and offices of the Anglican Communion in London, the society contributes to a number of educational and development projects and its funds are currently working in Jerusalem, Gaza, Brazil, Cuba, and Burundi.

The diocese contributed an initial $15,000 for membership in the society this year, and has committed financial support in years to come, including money for a "Canada Room" at the society's London headquarters, St. Andrew's House.

Other Canadian dioceses involved are Toronto, Niagara, and Huron. The society is named for the compass rose, its emblem, signifying that the Anglican Communion serves people at all points of the compass.

At the annual meeting this month, members were to hear from Archbishop Robin Eames of Ireland, the Bishop in Jerusalem, Riah Abu El-Assal, and Archbisop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Representing Bishop Michael Ingham at the meeting Oct. 6 and 7 was , and the diocesan Business Administrator, Mike Wellwood.