Some 20 years ago Canadians from coast to coast watched on the CBC the journey of “Dr.Peter” as he struggled with and eventually succumbed to HIV/AIDS. It was a courageous and prophetic witness to the beauty of life in all its God-intended diversity and it succeeded in making the HIV/AIDS-pandemic and issues of human sexuality a prime concern for Canadians. Dr. Peter gave HIV/AIDS and homosexuality a human face and open Canadian hearts and minds to these issues. At the time, Dr. Peter and his family were members of St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Vancouver’s West End. To honour his prophetic courage, the people of St. Paul’s Anglican Church will unveil a plaque inside the church on 5 December 2010 at the 10:00 a.m. celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Dr. Peter’s parents will be present for the occasion. [In addition to being 2nd Sunday in Advent, 5 December is also the Sunday following World AIDS Day, which commemorates the ongoing fight against this dreadful disease around the globe.]