Easter was early this year-April 23-in fact earlier than it has been since 1913. Easter won't be as again early till 2228 (in 220 years).

Despite the early date, and the accompanying cooler weather, many processions and other events, many outside, took place during Holy Week and Easter Week throughout the diocese and elsewhere.

Here are a few of them, as submitted by parishioners.
Anglican Bishop Celso d'Oliveira engages in street ministry in downtown Rio de Janerio, Brazil, in a square, Largo da Carioca, with some of the poorest people in that city, on Good Friday. Every Saturday evening a group of Franciscan Anglicans celebrates Holy Communion and distributes food. The picture was submitted by Janet Morris of St. Catherine, North Vancouver, who met the bishop on a trip to Jerusalem
Bishop Michael Ingham celebrated Eucharist and Dean Peter Elliott preached. This picture shows people receiving communion from several standing stations. (Photo by Bayne Stanley)

The Rev. Karin Fulcher leads worshippers at a stop during St. David Tsawwassen's "Walk of Witness" on Good Friday. The walk was part of their 100th anniversary of being founded as a mission. (Photo by Alexander Wakarchuk)

The Rev. Sarah Tweedale at St. Clement's, North Vancouver, on Easter Day shows the Easter garden to young parishioners while telling the story of the resurrection. (Photo by Sean Faivre-Duboz)

The Palm Sunday procession by St. Paul's through Vancouver's West End. Rector Markus Duenzkofer reported that the procession picked up two people on the way from Nelson Park to the church. (Photo by William Woodruff)