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St. Francis of Assisi founded his Third Order of men and women 800 years ago.

When Canon Jonathan LLoyd made his life profession on September 12, it was also a significant ecumenical celebration. He was received as a Franciscan Tertiary by both Archbishop Andrew Hutchison (12th Primate of Anglican Church of Canada) and Bishop Remy de Roo (retired Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria).

The liturgy at Bethlehem Centre, Nanaimo, had an ecumenical congregation and over 40 people joined on-line from across the world.  In the service Bishop Remy spoke of his personal friendship with Saint Oscar Romero of El Salvador  who was martyred in 1980, and his experience of being one of the last living 'Vatican II Fathers'.  

Pictured left to right (back row) are Andrew Twiddy (SSF Companion), Christine Muise (SSF Companion), Jonathan LLoyd TSSF, Sarah LLoyd (daughter of Jonathan, living in New Zealand), and Ayoob Adwar (former monk and now Anglican priest).  In the front are Bishop Remy de Roo and Archbishop Andrew Hutchison.

There are 3100 Anglican Franciscan Tertiaries across the world, with over 600 in the Province of the Americas (North, Central and South America and the Caribbean).

As well as being Rector of St. Stephen, West Vancouver and Regional Dean of Sea to Sky, Jonathan is convenor of the Vancouver area Franciscan Tertiary Fellowship, named the TSSF Dogwood Fellowship. The Fellowship meets monthly at Christ Church Cathedral and anyone exploring the way of St Francis and St Clare is warmly welcome.

Further information at and or email Canon Jonathan LLoyd.