Dear Readers

A few months ago an editorial in this space urged you to consider contributing to this publication and to our national Church newspaper.

And many of you did. Collectively in the Diocese of New Westminster you gave $40,000 to the annual Anglican Journal appeal, which was 24 per cent more than the year before. After campaign expenses, half this money goes to the Journal, and half to TOPIC – more than $17,000 each.

Nationally, Canadian Anglicans have increased their giving to their national and diocesan newspapers. The total was just about $640,000, a record.

What this freewill contribution means to TOPIC is that we can continue to send this newspaper to every Anglican on parish rolls, and continue work to improve the paper. TOPIC, for instance, now can include colour pages in every issue.

That you have backed up your appreciation of the newspaper with your donations is extremely gratifying. Thank you very much.