Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's...

When Jesus said this, Caesar was an emperor-a dictator. Times have changed, and throughout much of the world (though regrettably not all of it), governments are more or less democratic. Caesar has changed: Caesar is us.

To keep governments democratic, which by and large is the better method of governing, one of the things we all need to render is our vote. Federally we are asked to do that October 14; municipally, November 15.

It is generally not Anglican practice to have the Church uggest to people who to vote for. Nor, is TOPIC going to-only how to vote.

While we must consider the effect that voting for one or another candidate or party will have on ourself, or our family, or even our Church, that should not be the only consideration. There is, however vague and hard to get at, a public interest to consider. It's not just what's best for me and mine, but what's best for all of us-all Canadians, or even all the world's citizens.

There are so many things to consider before the simple act of marking a ballot: Is this or that party presenting pragmatic, practical solutions to the problems we face  Do they indeed talk about the real problems  Are they people I can trust  Do I vote for the best party running, or the best candidate in my riding

Probably the best advice, after so many considerations, is to take time to quietly pray. And then, do vote.