It takes courage to establish a new parish. It takes optimism, persistence, and personal sacrifice to set up mission in a new place.

On the other hand it takes courage to close a parish, too. Parishes are not forever. They're established so that the people of God can serve others in a certain time and place. Times do change. In the history of our diocese, 124 parishes have been established, and 47 have been merged or closed.

The people of St. Peter's in Rosedale, near Chilliwack, decided to close last month. As one of its warden's said that  as the parish shrank, it was using up diocesan resources; and most of St. Peter's parishioners lived nearer other parishes.

Still, it's not easy to leave a place that has been dear; a few parishioner's had been at this beautiful country church for decades. St. Peter's should be recognized for its selfless decision. They should be welcomed into neighbouring parishes. For all things, including churches, there is a season.