The Diocesan Synod in late May produced a clear result. By a large margin we approved a new Ministry Assessment Process, the work of a task force's tireless chair Mike Burpee and its other members. They held more than a dozen meetings for parishioners. They listened carefully. All this in the future may lead to the merging and even the closing of parishes - only with full participation from those involved. But we have collectively decided to turn our face to the future.

Contrast that with the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. The meeting in Winnipeg was hardly a triumph, and not just because of the split result on the same sex blessing issue. Also vetoed were several proposals to begin to work on much needed reform in our national Church. Too many dioceses have too little revenue. The Anglican Church of Canada is seriously over governed, and regularly running deficits.

Fear and mistrust meant rejection of modest proposals. Instead for three years much of the energy of the national Church may be stuck on sex.

The blessing issue is important, but hardly paramount. Our bishop will decide soon whether we continue our practice, based on the best legal advice; General Synod's resolutions are confusing. Hopefully, whatever happens, we will not be deterred from what we've set out to do, discern what God's mission and our ministry is for the places where we live.