The Anglican Church is a voluntary body. While most clergy (not all) get paid, as do some lay people (like your editor), for the most part the Church's mission is carried out by volunteers.

Our diocese is governed by the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster. For most matters, the Synod has two parts: bishop, and clergy and laity combined. And the laity, by far the most numerous constituent, is-for the most part-volunteer.

Diocesan leadership needs to be constantly renewed with volunteers. Recently, the Rev. Kim Prokopchuk put out a call for people with experience "and/or wisdom" in personnel and human resource policy to serve on the Ordained Ministry Division. "OMD," as it's known, is charged with the task of advising the bishop and Diocesan Council on how the diocese should support its priests and deacons.

Most of the other diocesan committees-administration and finance, grants and loans, stewardship development, communications, ministry and congregational development, ministry resources, and planned giving-could use enthusiastic volunteers. People who have served in parish positions would find service on these committees particularly interesting.

Committee positions are appointed by Diocesan Council in most cases, and sometimes by the bishop. They don't require election, just volunteering. If you're at all interested, call Bettina Gruver at the Diocesan Office (604 684-6306 ext. 226) and let her know what talents you have and how you can contribute. It should be satisfying-and fun.