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The Reverend Benny Lang-akan was elected June 14 during the 3rd day of the diocesan convention at the Cathedral of All Saints in Bontoc, Mt. Province. Padi Benny was declared bishop-elect by Prime Bishop Alawas after he garnered the majority votes of both clergy and lay delegates during the 4th balloting.

Six clergy accepted the call of the Nomination Committee for the Episcopal Election. They were Padi Edwin Ayabo, Padi Estima Moises, Padi Benny Lang-akan, Padi Daniel Longatan, Padi Melvin Odsey and Padi Alice Turtem. Except for Padi Odsey who is from the EDNCP, all of them are active clergy of the EDNP.

The Prime Bishop is asking everyone's prayers for the bishop-elect, his family and the whole diocese as he prepares for his new ministry. Installation and consecration are tentatively scheduled on the Feast of Holy Cross on September 14, 2022.