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Newest EfM On-Line Group Open for January start-up NOW.

The EfM online course scheduled to begin in September of 2018 did not have a sufficient amount of participants to go ahead with the program, so we will be registering new students for January 2019. The day of the week, Monday, remains the same but the hours have been adjusted to 6-9pm which will work better for students in Alberta.

Meeting on Monday nights at 6pm, this group is intended for folks who want to engage on-line, in the privacy of their homes (pj’s optional).  

We meet 36 weeks a year, taking stat holidays off, as well as breaks at Christmas and Easter.  You do your reading and weekly exercises during the week, and the group meets together in a virtual ‘classroom’ on Monday evenings.  During the week group members have access to a discussion board to explore their reading and questions.  

EfM (Education for Ministry) is a sponsored program of the Diocese of New Westminster through which we study the Hebrew Scriptures (year 1), the Christian Testament (year 2), Church History (year 3) and various aspects of theology (year 4).  Commitment is for one year at a time, however, entry is only via the first year curriculum.  

EfM is about adults living their faith equipped for the questions and dilemmas of the 21st century.  It is about the ministry of all the baptized, helping us to recognize where Gd has put us as agents of reconciliation and love. 

Registration Information and Answers to Questions? 

Email the Reverend Paula Porter Leggett or call 604-329-8701.