* indicates acclamation

*Ian Robertson

Clerical Secretary
*The Rev. Elizabeth Northcott

Diocesan Council
Burnaby Deanery - *The Rev. Paul Bowie
Burrard Deanery - *Dixie Black
East Vancouver Deanery - *Jo-Anne Stephens
Granville/Point Grey Deanery The Rev. John Oakes; the Rev. April Stanley (1 year)
North Vancouver Deanery - *The Rev. Carla McGhie
Richmond/Delta Deanery - *David Sanders
South Fraser Deanery- *The Rev. Alexis Saunders
Westminster Deanery - *The Rev. Trudy Lebans
Youth Delegate - Yale Deanery - *Mary McIntyre
Issac Thorpe

Provincial Synod
The Rev. Roger Cooper
The Rev. Marcus Dünzkofer

Bishop's Advisory Committee on Appointments
*The Rev. Michael McGee
*Sally Clinton
Provincial Synod Alternate
The Rev. Paul Bowie

General Synod 2010 delegates
The Very Rev. Peter Elliott
The Rev. Lynne McNaughton
The Rev. Christine Rowe
The Ven. Ronald Harrison
The Rev. Eileen Nurse
Robert Dickson
Melanie Wallace
Jane Osler
Bonnie Fulton
Glen Mitchell
Maureen Bailey

General Synod Alternates
The Rev. Jeremy Clark-King
The Rev. Kevin Dixon
The Rev. John Oakes
The Rev. Sharon Salomons
The Ven. John Struthers
Donald Paul
Issac Thorpe

Anglican Iniitaves Fund Administrators
*The Ven Stephen Rowe
*Donald Paul

Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Appointments
*The Rev. Michael McGee
*Sally Clinton

Board of Discipline
The Ven. Ellen Clark-King
The Rev. Elizabeth Northcott
The Rev. John Oakes
*Rosemarie Bundock
*Sally Clinton
*Monte Worthington