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The Parish of St. Paul’s in Vancouver’s West End is launching an initiative focused on benefitting many in the West End community. According to facilitator, ESL instructor, Anita Lemonis 

“The goal is to offer English conversation and social opportunities to the community as part of St. Paul's wellbeing, community and mental health strategy. Participation is open to anyone looking for conversation and community including EAL students, immigrants, members of the community and parishioners who are interested in practicing English with speakers of other languages. 

Our vision is to create a space where speakers of other languages can gather to share ideas, learn and practice English, and connect with other members of our growing community. The project will offer individuals of all ages a chance to come together, under the direction of an experienced ESL instructor, for 10 weeks of English lessons and conversations geared to create a stronger, more closely knit community of neighbours. The program is specifically aimed towards residents who may be new to the area, or those long-time residents who may still feel estranged, isolated or separated from their community due to language insecurity or cultural communication barriers.

We welcome both non-English and English speakers.

We will follow COVID-19 protocols (proof of vaccination, use of masks, hand washing, social distancing and others.)

Our ESL Conversation and Communication Connections will meet once a week, and depending on the attendee's schedules, we will meet on Friday afternoons (here is a link to the calendar for specific program dates) from 5:00 – 6:30 for 10 week cycles beginning November 12, 2021. Participants will gather inside the King Room, a community centre room of St. Paul's Church.

Collaborating with Anita are co-facilitators, David Facey Crowther, a retired university professor and the Reverend José Luis Aranda Moyano, Assistant Curate at St. Paul’s. Prior and during discernment and seminary Rev. Aranda Moyano continues his professional career as a teacher. 

Here is a link to the English Coversation Cafe webpage on the St. Paul's website
You may also call 604.416.2736 for registration and more information