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Sunday, May 1, 7:30pm St. Mark's Ocean Park is celebrating Evensong led by the White Rock Children's Concert Choir. This internationally-acclaimed choir under the direction of Sarona Mynhardt will be leading worship at a celebration of  Evensong at Canterbury Cathedral in July. Come and worship in this traditional service of music and the Living Word and wish these young musical ambassadors a safe journey for their English tour. In the words of choir director Sarona Mynhardt:
There is no music more pleasant and human than the song of people. There is no greater pleasure than listening to the harmonious song of a well trained choir.
To sing together unifies humankind - Music is a universal language that help us reach over the bridges of cultural differences and language barriers and that turns yesterday’s strangers into today’s friends
To sing together fosters comradeship, abolishes frontiers, and strengthens faith in the future and humanity.