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I love the Anglican Church; why don’t others know about us?

Have you ever said, “How do I describe my church to people who are interested?” Or how about, “I love the Anglican Church; why don’t others know about us?” The Everyday Evangelism workshop on March 2nd will engage these very questions and more. We’ll start with a discussion of what we think evangelism is, and we hope that there will be a lively exchange of ideas.

(The Rev. Andrea McMillin)

We’ll talk about the richness of the Anglican tradition. With all its diversity, there are some common themes in Anglican spirituality and temperament, so we’ll delve into characteristics such as “biblical”, “communal”, “sacramental,” and “comprehensive”, “open-minded”, “intuitive”, and “aesthetic.” Do any of these words describe your parish? Come take part in the whole exercise, which will help you understand how your parish expresses its Anglican personality. Once you have a sense of your Anglican culture, we will work on finding words to express the particular identity of your congregation. No one parish can be all things to all people, so parish teams will develop an “elevator speech” that encapsulates the distinctive way that your faith community lives out its core purpose of serving God’s mission in the world.
Once we know that we can talk about our churches, we’ll reflect on when it’s appropriate to talk about what our faith lives and churches mean to us, and when to invite our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to join us.
The workshop is highly participatory, and draws on congregational development theory, Church history, marketing, and Bible study. We are lucky to have The Rev. Andrea McMillin, consultant in congregational development with the Diocese of Olympia, facilitate the day. Andrea is also the vicar at Christ Church, Blaine, so she understands the reality of life in the parish.
Everyday Evangelism
Saturday, March 2, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm
At St. Andrew’s, Langley 20955 Old Yale Road
For more information contact Tasha Carrothers, 604-684-6306 x227

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