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The Reverend Margaret Marquardt, Chair of the diocesan Eco-Justice Unit and a Member-at-large of the diocesan PWRDF Unit requests that folks in the diocese and beyond consider purchasing Fair Trade chocolate products. 

Here is the opening paragraph from the World Vision Fair Trade Chocolate Guide:

“Fair trade chocolate is produced under ethical standards and priced to give farmers and labourers a living and sustainable wage. Unlike regular chocolate, fair trade chocolate is certified to ensure that it was grown without child or forced labour. Extreme poverty drives parents to give their own children to unethical farmers as labourers to help support the family. To keep costs low, these children work in slave-like conditions, deprived of their right to nutritious food, education, safe workplaces and their childhood. These days, fair trade chocolate can be easily found all over Canada and online. You can help stop the exploitation of children and their families by shopping from these ethical chocolate producers instead.”

Preferred brands include: Divine, Alter Eco, Belvas, Bark Thins, Camino, Delight, Concept Chocolat, Cote D’or and there are many more. Here is the link 


Photo: World Vision website