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Sharon Salomons arrived in Mission some 7 years ago on a mission to help the parish of All Saints build its mission and ministry. This was her first appointment after her curacy. She helped the parish discern its course and they went from a community in distress to a self-supporting parish and active in the neighbourhoods around them. Their projects have been many and varied, from being part of an emergency shelter program to environmental sustainability projects (they piloted solar panels). We know All Saints will miss her but they are in a good position as a community and will find their way on a new journey.
Sharon became regional dean of Yale Deanery in 2007 and helped her colleagues and parishioners form other churches form closer bonds with each other across a widespread deanery that stretches from Aldergrove to Hope. At the April Clericus (Deanery Clergy) meeting Sharon was thanked for all her leadership. Among the gifts given to send her on her way into her new journey in Family Systems Counseling was a dove wall hanging. The dove is a symbol of the hope and peace her new ministry will offer her clients.
Her resignation as rector of All Saints, Mission is effective as of July 31st, 2012.
In all probability Sharon’s absence from the pulpit will be temporary. Sharon says she is not leaving the church, just changing venues to take up a personal journey into counseling and also getting married. Sharon will be married in May. Best wishes to Sharon and Peter and every happiness in the coming years.