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St. David and St. Paul, Powell River have had the great privilege of hosting a local First Nations carver this fall. Ivan Rosypskye has created beautiful art but he has also created a very powerful symbol of reconciliation and healing. His mother and aunts attended the St. Michael's residential school which was devastating for his family. Ivan took his family to witness the demolition of the school last February, they took a brick from the rubble and Ivan has imbedded that brick into the carving. Please click the link to access a recent front page story in the Powell River paper, the Peak.

According to St. David and St. Paul parishioner, Ron Berezan, they were able to commission this carving using a portion of the diocesan care+share funding received by their Sycamore Commons Garden project.

There will be an unveiling ceremony on Tuesday, October 20th, 5pm. There will be elders offering blessings, speakers, gifts, song and a community meal.

A local documentary film maker is creating a 5 minute doc short on this project, specifically focusing on the impact it has had on the many, many folks who came by to dialogue with Ivan during his carving process.

PHOTO: Sculptors, Ivan Rosypyke and Phil Russell hold a St. Michael's residential school brick.

Photo from the Powell River Peak by Mel Edgar