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Several youth delegates and a few adults lined up at the microphone, all speaking in support of keeping the Diocesan Youth Coordinator’s and hoping a way can be found to fund the position. (Julie H. Ferguson photo)

As of A voluntary fund set up and authorized June 9th As of cesan Council to ensure that the Diocesan Youth Coordinator’s position continues through 2010 continues to grow thanks to the generosity of a small number who have pledged matching funds.Business Administrator Rob Dickson told Diocesan Council on September 8th that anonymous donors have offered in the neighbourhood of $15,000 if the rest of the money can be raised. Due to a drop in investment income, the budget presented by the Administration and Finance As Committee and adopted by Diocesan Council in terminates the Youth Coordinator’s position as of January 1, 2010. After several years of urging, primarily by youth delegates to Diocesan Synod, the position had been instituted late in 2008. Dickson said there are suffi cient funds for the half-time position for the rest of 2009, but $20,000 total has to be found to fund the youth coordinator next year. Any money collected will be set aside for 2010, he said. The business administrator said that the anonymous donors have stipulated that they will give their portion only if the money donated is new—that is, it cannot be found by reducing regular giving to a parish or the diocese. Contributions to the fund to continue the youth coordinatiors position can be sent to Robert Dickson, Business Administrator, Diocese of New Westminster, 401 West Georgia Street, Suite 580, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 2B8.

Donations can also be made through one’s parish, or online through the website (click button at right).