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To mark St. Philip’s 90th anniversary, this concert is called “Generations” to celebrate the memory of the people who over several generations have built and contributed to the church and surrounding community. Rather that simply remember the physical building, the music draws together the ideas of family, time, and connections across the generations.
On 13 March at 3 PM, St. Philip's Anglican Church hosts an afternoon of classic works by venerable composers Joseph Haydn and Heinrich Baermann as well as local composers Murray Adaskin and Jeffrey Ryan. Ryan’s radiant work Timepieces, set to words of Canadian poet Louise Morey Bowman, is a West Coast premiere. Acclaimed soprano Robyn Driedger-Klassen is joined by instrumentalists Jason Hall, clarinet; Alana Lopez, violin; Samuel Tsui, violin; Manti Poon, viola; and Stefan Hintersteininger, cello.
Also, Music Director Michael Murray and the musicians invite you to bring a framed family photograph as a form of active participation in the concert. During the concert, your photos (along with others from the church archives) will serve as silent reminder of the many generations of people we’re connected to.
Come celebrate the many generations of St. Philip’s with music. Suggested donation $25