Looking for a worship service oriented towards youth Every month, usually on the evening of the second Sunday, the Vibe takes place at Holy Trinity Church in Vancouver.

A joint venture of Holy Trinity and the Camp Artaban Society, the Vibe is modelled after the chapel services which take place at Artaban throughout the summer. The music is the same style, with many familiar Artaban and praise songs; the liturgy is accessible to all ages and each month there is a talk given with a particular focus for youth.

The Vibe was started in November 2003 by a group of people from Artaban and Holy Trinity who wanted to establish a vibrant monthly service that would allow youth from both communities to worship together in a camp style and find a common meeting place.

Members of the praise band "Abel": Elizabeth Toney, Brent Thompson, Alex Toney, and Trevor Conkey, played at the Vibe in March. Abel can be reached at abel.bookings@gmail.com.(Phil Colvin photos)

As John Oakes, Rector of Holy Trinity, describes; "We also had a special heart for those who experience God in a new way at camp, but then have trouble integrating their new-found faith with their everyday lives. We initially targeted the service at camp staff and youth leaders. But it is now open to anyone of any age."

The content of the Vibe is tailored as much as possible to roughly a 16 to 25 age group, although many who attend are older and a few are younger. Currently, the teaching at each Vibe is focussing on the theme of "Who Do You Think You Are" which considers issues of personal identity that all young people struggle with and tries to offer a Christian perspective on them.

John remarks that those who attend the Vibe come for different reasons, but those who come regularly seem to get a lot out of it:

"For some, it's a helpful supplement to their existing church involvement, but for others, it may actually be their main point of contact with any church. As with all youth events, the social side is very important and so is the music. We offer refreshments and snacks after every service and that provides a great opportunity for people to connect.

We don't really care why people come, but we want to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible when they do." The "Vibe" is a valuable opportunity not just for youth from Holy Trinity and Camp Artaban, but also for anyone seeking this kind of church experience for themselves or for their youth ministry.

Although usually on the second Sunday of each month, in April the Vibe will be held on April 19 and will be the first Survivor Artaban Reunion! As well as being a chance to see friends and enjoy more of the worship and themes from the weekend again, it'll also be the first chance you'll have to see pictures and videos!

Come along and bring your parish's youth to the Vibe! As well as April 19, the dates for upcoming Vibe services are May 10, June 14, July 12 and August 9.

For the rest of the year's schedule, and for more information, check out the Holy Trinity website at www.holytrinityvancouver.org or call John at 604 731-3221.