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The Eco-Justice Unit of the diocese and the PWRDF Unit are asking everyone to consider participating in "GIVE IT UP FOR THE EARTH", a Lenten faith-in-action campaign to increase climate justice in Canada. (See the video below).

Sign-up by March 10 to organize a local Give it up for the Earth! event

The Give it up for the Earth! campaign is centred on a postcard that includes:

  1. a pledge to individual climate action, and
  2. a call for more far-reaching national climate policy.

The aims of Give it up for the Earth! are to raise awareness about climate change, and collect signatures as a demonstration of support for increased federal government action. How you do this is up to you!

You may wish to incorporate Give it up for the Earth! into Sunday worship or highlight Give it up for the Earth! during Shrove Tuesday dinner. Alternatively, you could plan a lunch hour community outreach event or come up with a completely different event idea. Any of these options can be complemented by profiling Give it up for the Earth! online, via websites, newsletters, and social media platforms. For move event ideas see the Give it up for the Earth! Organizing Guide

Click this link to access the website, read the copy, follow the prompts and fill out the form to participate.