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Theatre is instant community. Looking back on all of the casts that I had been a part of before I did youth work at the Cathedral, back when I trod the boards, I remember the friendships. Even years after shows were done, I can meet fellow cast members and we have a solid connection.
At the Vancouver Public Library, I remember this as I search the musicals section and choose a worn copy of Godspell. I bring it home to show my son. For the next 3 weeks listen to a 4-year-old version of “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord…” (sounding more like, “Perry oh Perry oh Perry oh Pear…”). Every time I hear him sing I get the distinct feeling that there is something that I need to do.
I had heard of how Andrew Halladay and David Taylor participated in a production of Godpsell directed by the Rev. Patrick Blaney in their final years at VST but it took a few more days before I get what I have to do. I call Andrew. Andrew is in. I set up a meeting with Dean Peter Elliott and start, “It would be great to have more teens and young adults in our community and, you know, theatre is instant community.”
Bada boom bada bing; jump to the first rehearsal in the parish hall; I am listening with my son on my lap I realize something special is happening. I am blown away by the talent that already exists in our Cathedral Community and the talent throughout the city that Godspell has been able to attract. Our Godpsell chorus has sonorous skill. Will two performances of this show at the Cathedral on May 25th and 26th be enough?
Not only is Halladay looking like a formidable director, at ease in the director’s chair but David Taylor is also a sure thing; calm and creative at the keyboard. Clearly the Halladay/Taylor combination will be making waves in the AC for years to come. This script has been a magnet for a remarkable choreographer; professor Cathy Burnett from UBC who will work with two apprentice choreographers. The band is assembled and will start to rehearse with the cast in the New Year. Costumers from St. Mary’s Kerrisdale will work with Andrew to enliven the production.
What exactly will we see in the Cathedral Sanctuary in May when this diocese’ production of Godspell is mounted? All our work from now until those nights will determine what we see. If things continue in the spirit as they have been, we are likely to see an extra-ordinary production of Godspell created by a new community of Anglican artists.